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Pucketty Farm
About 25 years ago I arrived in Underberg, having left behind the "fast lane" in Johannesburg, where I taught cooking and ran executive dining rooms, so good food was my passion! Looking around, there seemed to be no Farm Stall, so I tested the water by making farm bread on a Sunday! We built a small thatched kiosk, and invited locals to supply their home made goods and extended the hours to  week-end!

Because I was so busy in the kitchen, teaching my staff to cook, (my way),  there was not time to man the stall, and the honesty system was born. This has been one of our main attractions,and has continued as we have grown and moved to bigger rustic premises. Suppliers grew in number and we soon had shelves and tables groaning with shiny bottles and packets of baked goodies.
Making the best of what we have, replacing all the special animals they had got rid of, and cleaning up the avenue, planting trees and generally making it all beautiful again. We have two out-door Art Exhibitions in the avenue, and a lovely Art Gallery which exhibits works from our amazing group, namely the Southern Drakensberg Art Society ........ started about eight years ago and now comprising 20 local artists, of who's works we are extremely proud. This is a very talented district ...... come and pay us a visit and see for yourself.

We have cut down on almost 90% of our suppliers to help cut costs, and are making almost ALL of the lines displayed here in the Pucketty kitchen, Andre' making our amazing range of jams and marmalades, and our staff, Lindiwe and Happiness, turning our wonderful pickles and chutneys, quiches, pate's, puddings, cakes, biscuits and rusks galore ...... rustic unsophisticated charm, hessian table clothes, straw on the floor, pretty curtains and interesting old props, all help to create a Farm Stall that warms our hearts. Come and visit us, you will be so glad you did !

Have an awesome day !!